Available Pomskies – Portal


This page is showing all reputable breeders with Pomsky puppies available. We only show reputable breeders that are approved by the Pomsky Owners Association. Every breeder on this page is reputable and abides by a strict code of ethics.

This page is updated weekly with new litters.


Step 1) Use the filter on the right side of this page (below on mobile). Filter based on your criteria including location, gender, markings, and price. The page will automatically update to show you the results according to your selections.

Step 2) Scroll down through the page to view which breeders have litters available according to your criteria.

Step 3) Read the description of each litter, including price range, location, and availability. Each litter on this page will show one “preview” photo from the litter. There are more photos available of the litter if you click “See More Photos”.

Step 4) Click the “See More Photos” button to open a new page with more information about the litter and about the breeder. Here you can directly contact the breeder, using the contact form, to request more information about the litter or to reserve your Pomsky.

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