Do Pomskies Shed?

Do pomskies shed? 

Yes pomskies shed.
Pomskies shed their dead hairs and also blow their entire coat about twice a year. This means the pomsky sheds a moderate amount over the course of the year and then sheds their entire coat all at once, twice during the year.

Reduce pomsky shedding 

Pomskies should be brushed frequently to help control the shedding of dead hair.  Take your pup outside and give them a thorough brushing, this will reduce the amount of dead hair hanging on the coat of your pomsky and will reduce the amount of hair spread throughout your house!

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Pomsky coat

The pomsky coat is soft, fluffy and silky. It’s a beautiful coat but the medium longish coat holds in a lot of dead hair, which then falls off of your pup as they run around and rub up on furniture. Brushing your pomsky helps to comb off this dead hair from the pomskies coat, reducing the amount of dead hair that falls off in your house.

Tips for reducing pomsky shedding

  1. Proper diet – a high protein diet with meat as the main ingredient (and limited fillers) can help to reduce excessive shedding. The meat-rich dog foods are more easily digested and absorbed, helping to control shedding and dry skin.
  2. Proper hydration – proper hydration reduce the chance of dehydration. Dehydration leads to dry skin, which can cause excessive shedding.
  3. Brush regularly – brushing removes the excess dead hair hanging on your pomsky’s coat and redistributes your pomsky’s skin oils into its fur, helping the fur stay healthy and in place.
  4. Bathe regularly – baths help to clean off the loose hair from your pomsky.
  5. Use the proper tools – A slicker brush or rake should be used for pomskies. Slicker brushes are used for dog breeds with medium length hair whereas rakes are used for dog breeds with long hair and thick undercoats. Either type of brush will be effective for brushing your pomsky.

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    Full Grown 50/50 Pomsky

    You can see a full grown 50/50 pomsky has a shorter coat and more distinct husky characteristics

Full Grown 25/75 Pomsky

You can see a 25/75 pomsky coat is longer than that of a 50/50. It is longer and more fluffy than the 50/50 pomsky

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